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AvanJi Beard Care Set

Looking for ways to make your beard and mustache look better and grow faster? Say goodbye to an unruly and unkempt beard! Discover this complete beard care set to take excellent care of your beard hair and mustache.

Take your beard and mustache to the next level with the soothing and nourishing beard oil and style your beard to perfection with the moisturizing beard balm and beard comb. Treat your facial skin with the beard roller to help your beard and mustache grow faster, and trim the jumping beard hairs with the extra sharp beard scissors.





This beard kit is everything you need for perfect and 100% natural beard care. A soft and smooth beard that grows faster and more beautiful, without any problems of dandruff and itching.

Benefits beard care set:

✓ Perfect combination of beard products
✓ Satisfies all your beard needs
✓ Beard and mustache grow faster and thicker
✓ Makes beard hair smoother
Softens beard hair
Stops itching
✓ Brings your beard into shape
✓ No greasy or oily beard
✓ Faster & healthier hair growth
✓ Beard roller – Effective beard oil absorption
✓ Beard roller with non-slip handle
✓ Activates dormant follicles and strengthens beard hair
Stimulates collagen and elastin production
Improves blood circulation
Painless and effective
100% hygienic & safe
Easy to use
Incl. beard roller, beard comb & beard scissors
✓ 100% natural ingredients and perfume-free

This complete beard care set includes a beard oil and beard balm made from 100% natural ingredients, a beard roller, beard scissors and a beard comb. Use all these beard products to take excellent care of your beard and mustache.

Natural Beard Oil – Softens & nourishes your beard and mustache

With key ingredients like sage seed oil and bergamot leaves, your beard will be healthier and softer than ever! You only need a few drops of this beard oil to treat your entire beard and mustache.

Beard balm – Moisturizer & shape your beard

Use the balm to smooth and shape your beard. And do you sometimes suffer from an oily or greasy beard? Use this balm to shape your beard without feeling greasy or oily.

Moisturizing beard balm – Reduce beard itching & dandruff

Does the skin under your beard itch and flake? This happens mainly because it is dry. This beard balm moisturizes the skin so you won’t suffer from beard dandruff and itching anymore.

Beard roller – Help your beard grow faster

Use the beard roller (derma roller) 1-2 times a week together with the beard oil for a fuller, stronger and faster growing beard. The dermaroller punctures very tiny holes in the skin to stimulate blood flow and hair growth. Apply the beard oil immediately after use. This will help the beard oil to be better absorbed and extra activate dormant hair follicles.

Professional beard scissors – No split hairs

Beard scissors are very handy to have around the house to keep your beard in good shape. Beard scissors are smaller than normal scissors for more detail work apply to cutting your beard and mustache. These professional stainless steel beard scissors are specially ground to cut thicker beard hairs correctly and effortlessly and prevent split beard hairs. Ideal for trimming and styling your beard & mustache!

The beard oil and beard balm contain skin-caring and antibacterial ingredients that soothe itching so you won’t be bothered by itching anymore. Use these daily to take good care of your beard.

Beard roller usage instructions (1-2 times a week):

Clean your face thoroughly before use

Disinfect the beard roller 2-3 times with the cleaner to disinfect the needles

Gently roll back and forth 10 times horizontally, vertically & diagonally

Wash the beard roller and your face with warm water

Apply the beard oil to the skin in circular movements

Use the beard balm to perfectly shape your beard hairs

Main ingredients:

Beard oil: sage seed oil & bergamot leaves – Nourish and soften hair

Beard balm: sage seed oil, white beeswax, candelilla wax, hydrogenated olive oil – Moisturizer & styling

Beard care set contents:
‣ Beard oil
Beard balm
Beard roller (derma roller) & cleaner
Beard scissors
Beard comb

Order this complete beard care set and enjoy a healthy and great looking beard!




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    Great set, my beard has never felt or looked this alive before!

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